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Rand's Stage Show Being made into a Movie

As the COVID-19 epidemic has necessitated the closure of live theatre, all performances of Rand's one-man musical performance piece are on hold. 

But, here's the good news... Rand has partnered with the Lakewood Theatre Company to produce a film version of the show. Re-titled Old Man Trying to Matter, the film, co-directed by Rand and Mark Daniels, is presently in post-production. A 4 1/2 minute sizzle reel is now up on YouTube. Check out the sizzle HERE, and stay tuned for more details on this exciting development.  


I believe that every person was created with unique gifts. For me, life is about recognizing those talents, developing them to their highest potential, and generously sharing them with the world. I’ve always been a compulsively creative person, someone who finds his greatest motivation in big ideas and major projects. I live for the fulfillment of laying head on pillow at night, pleasantly tuckered out from making something up — something that didn’t even exist when the day began. The most gratifying endeavor for me is one that allows me to utilize my native talents by sharing a meaningful message that comes straight from my heart.  


Based on Rand's memoir, TREK: My Peace Pilgrimage in Search of a Kinder America, TREK on Stage is a one-man musical performance piece. In an evening of stories and songs, Rand combines some of the more memorable events and most colorful characters encountered on his 2017 90-day, 900 mile trek from Southern California to the Central Oregon coast with a suite of original songs. "With TREK on  Stage," Rand shares, "I hope to take every audience on a heart-and-soul-stirring, laughter-to-tears journey."

CLICK HERE to view TREK on Stage promo video. 


On May 1, 2017, Rand returned a rented car to the Enterprise counter in Thousand Oaks, California and started walking home — to the Central Oregon Coast, 900 miles away. Why would a 67-year-old semi-retired musician/author, with bad knees, chronically sore feet, minimal camping experience, and zero knowledge about long-distance hiking take on a mission fraught with such potential for disaster? Find the answer to that question, tag along on this life-changing adventure, and meet an amazing cast of characters in this new memoir. 

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In 45 years in the business of contemporary music, Rand enjoyed the good fortune of recording for major labels, sharing stages with superstars, and harmonizing with legends. More than 300 Rand Bishop compositions have been performed, many by industry icons and Hall-of-Fame artists. A Grammy nominee and platinum music producer, Rand has authored five published books, penned award-winning, optioned screenplays and, for six years, contributed a bi-monthly column to American Songwriter Magazine

A lifelong activist for peace, justice, and equality, Rand spent three months of 2017 on a 900-mile pilgrimage, hoping to encourage civil, constructive dialogue. He recalls this life-changing journey in a new memoir, entitled TREK: My Peace Pilgrimage in Search of a Kinder America and the one-man, musical performance piece, TREK on Stage.  


A Memoir by Rand Bishop
Weightless Cargo Press, 2019

2017. America was turning mean. I couldn’t sit idly by. My plan of action had friends and family questioning my sanity. At 67, on bad knees and arthritic feet, with scant camping experience and zero knowledge about long distance hiking, I set out on a 900-mile trek, walking from Southern California to the Central Oregon Coast. A 90-day test of will and endurance comprises but a fraction of this life-changing adventure. The newfound hope gained by listening to and interacting with a thousand folks from all walks of life is the true heart of the story.


The author’s musings on this once in a lifetime adventure make the reader feel as if she is on the trail alongside, experiencing all the emotional highs and lows without getting blisters on her feet. I loved every word; every page; every chapter! TREK is a delightful a book ~ I didn’t want it to end!!!! 

Robyn Taylor-Drake, Nashville, TN

This account is buttressed by beautiful, detailed descriptions of the natural beauty that continues to draw people from all over the world to California. These are my favorite parts — even though they are ultimately a nice bonus to a narrative full of the ups and downs of a real human personality sensitive to the world around him. I’m sure I won’t be the last to say that this tale was riveting to the point where it was difficult to put it down and take a break. Highly recommended!

Michael Fortes, Oakland, CA

I love this book. I laughed, I cried, I walked down memory lane. I drove a big truck for 12 years, many by myself. I know those roads and my feet hurt just reading about this journey. Thank you, Rand, for sharing your story.

Nancy B. Thompson, Mesquite, NV

A one-man musical performance piece, written and performed by Rand Bishop

In this "Evening of Stories and Songs,” the musician/author recounts a 90-day, 900-mile pilgrimage he undertook during the spring and summer of 2017. Drawing on his memoir, TREK: My Peace Pilgrimage in Search of a Kinder America, Rand combines some of his journey’s most meaningful encounters and events with a suite of original compositions inspired by this life-changing journey.  

CLICK HERE to view TREK on Stage promo video


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